Certero Partner Program for SAM & ITAM

Make your customers SAM & ITAM Happy with profitable licensing & lifecycle management services built on the

Certero Unified Platform

If you want to deliver highly professional, cost-effective and long-lasting services as a way to retain and grow your customer base, then you need to build your asset lifecycle management and software licensing optimization services on the Certero Unified Platform.

Unlike many legacy Software Asset Management and IT Asset Management solutions that are highly restricted in their capabilities and the services they can support, Certero’s Unified Platform has been built to support a wide variety of use cases including: 

Asset discovery & inventory across all major platforms

Software license management for all key vendors 

Hardware & Software Lifecycle Management

Integration with Service Management, Procurement & Fulfilment technologies

Agent and Agent-less inventory options 

Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP and more

Location tracking, OU allocation, cost center management

Aids partner value-add beyond licensing & box shifting

The Certero Unified Platform – Built for

Service Providers


Thanks to its unique SaaS and Unified Platform architecture, the Certero Unified Platform is perfect for Service Providers who need to meet the differing needs of many customers, but don’t want to have to support complicated hosting environments or be constrained by one-size-fits-all approaches to service delivery.

Advantages of the Certero Unified Platform over legacy SAM and ITAM tools include:

  • Provisioning new customers in 15 minutes or less
  • Managing customer instances (upgrades, feature availability etc.) individually, allowing you to offer tailored services that meet the needs of your customers
  • Increased service delivery throughput as service execution turnaround is reduced
  • Enhanced data security
  • Huge upsell opportunities & easy activation of additional features / components

For more information on the SAM and ITAM capabilities of the Certero Unified Platform, we recommend visiting the product pages


The Certero Partner Program – Quality not Quantity


If your idea of SAM and ITAM services centers around low-skilled staff spending all day every day in Excel, then Certero isn’t the technology partner for you. If you believe that consultants should spend most of their time consulting and delivering value to customers, not making up for tool or data shortcomings, then read on.

The Certero Partner Program is not open to all. It is a selective program for Service Providers with both the proven capability to deliver effective Software Asset Management, IT Asset Management and Business Transformation services to demanding customers and the mindset to do it as efficiently and professionally as possible.

Our global Partner Program is for System Integrators, Outsourcers, Licensing Solution Providers and SAM specialists who are serious about customer satisfaction and using IT Asset Management and/or Software Asset Management insights to help deepen their customer relationships.

What we demand from partners

  • Understanding the real value of SAM & ITAM for long-term customer relationships
  • Fanatical focus on quality – SAM services that deliver real value to customers
  • True SAM & ITAM services – beyond the basic inventory & ELP
  • Ability to execute – investment in skills to leverage the full value of the Certero Unified Platform
  • Open minded and willingness to move to a better, more productive and efficient way of delivering your services – let the Certero Unified Platform do the ‘heavy lifting’

What you can expect from Certero

  • A true partnership
  • Semi-exclusivity – we will tightly control which partners can offer the platform
  • A level playing field – no overly complicated partner levels
  • Full technical enablement & product training
  • Unrivalled support response times
  • Expertise on-demand – rely on our specialists and consultants to supplement your in-house skills
  • Regular product updates & platform enhancements
  • Joint marketing & sales activities


Ready to revolutionize the delivery of your SAM & ITAM services?

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