Certero App-Centre

Certero App-Center is a simple, easy to use enterprise app store that reduces IT support costs, whilst making your software applications available to employees 24/7

Certero App-Centre enables users to efficiently browse, request and receive the applications they need in minutes – without impacting IT support.


Certero App-Centre’s self-service software portal empowers users to help themselves, whilst providing the control needed by IT departments to maintain compliance and manage costs.

Certero App-Centre, which can be customized to your brand specifications, comes with an intuitive interface, simple approval process and is fully automated for Windows and Mac, distributing software applications through Certero for Enterprise ITAM or SCCM. It can also be integrated into any ITSM or SAM tool, supporting license compliance and optimization objectives, and offers a complete audit trail with powerful and dynamic reports for software requests, approvals, installations and purchases.

What makes Certero App-Centre different?

Automated processes

Complete self-service

Full administrative control

Improve productivity

Supports software asset management

Complete reporting

Set automated approval and application distribution processes

Reduce service desk calls and IT support costs

Control what software is deployed across your ecosystem

Speed up the delivery of software across your enterprise

Integrate into any ITSM or SAM tool

Gain real-time business intelligence on software requests and deployments

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An enterprise app-centre with everything you need today – and tomorrow

Full automation for Windows and Mac

Certero App-Centre modernizes the way IT delivers software by providing a powerful, automated process from the employee’s request, through to approval (if required). The delivery of software is quick and simple and, when used in tandem with Certero for Enterprise SAM, the organization’s Effective License Position (ELP) is dynamically updated in real-time, ensuring continuous compliance.

Our enterprise app store software allows only approved software to be presented to users according to a set of easily defined criteria, such as applications that are relevant to a specific job role or management positions within the business. This ensures enterprises maintain control of software distribution whilst at the same time speeding up delivery and improving internal customer satisfaction.

Flexible deployment with Certero or SCCM

Certero App-Centre utilizes the Certero for Enterprise SAM distribution feature or can integrate with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), leveraging the software deployment capabilities to deliver each application quickly and reliably.

Powerful and dynamic reporting

Our enterprise app store software features Certero’s powerful, in-built reporting engine, Acquantia, that provides the ability to report easily on software requests, approvals, installations and purchases.

Managers can set alerts to measure impact and success criteria systematically, sharing business intelligence with which sound decisions can be made on software licensing and usage across the enterprise.

Integration with any ITSM or SAM tool

Integration with Certero for Enterprise SAM allows available licenses to be deployed via Certero App-Centre, minimizing overspend on software licenses and maintaining SAM best practices.

Integration with the most popular ITSM systems ensures full visibility of actions performed by our enterprise app store software, recorded automatically via a ticketing system to remain fully auditable, complementing ITIL principles.

Simple-to-use User Interface

Intelligent filtering presents users with intuitive ways to find the software they need through a self-service employee portal. From selecting titles by function, description, product name, customized tags or the already familiar product icons, it couldn’t be easier to find what you need; simply click and receive the software in seconds.

Simple approval process

Certero App-Centre provides an intelligence-base to ensure that only relevant requests are automatically emailed to the appropriate business managers for approval, according to the user and the application required.

Whether a request for an application requires approval before being fulfilled may depend on factors, such as the potential cost of the software and whether the application is appropriate for the user’s role within the business. For example, Adobe Reader may not have an associated cost and therefore not require approval, whereas AutoCAD software could require approval from either a Line Manager, SAM Manager or the budget holder before being fulfilled.

Audit traceability

With our enterprise app store software, all activities are fully auditable if required. Administrators have the ability to view an audit trail of all the previous applications that have been requested, users also have the added capability to check the status of their requests at any time.

Apply corporate brand identity

Certero App-Centre offers the capability for users to apply their own corporate identity to the portal, so when employees log into the system it feels very much a part of your organization. Apply your own logo and color scheme to suit your brand requirements.

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