Certero for Cloud

Protect against the growing risks of Cloud Sprawl, Shadow IT & Bill Shock by extending your SAM & ITAM programs to the cloud

Track your increasing SaaS spend where it counts most 

Certero for Cloud extends the ITAM and SAM capabilities of the Certero Unified Platform to help you manage the key strategic SaaS applications in use across your organization.

While the number of SaaS apps in use across the business is growing, most organizations will invest the vast majority of their SaaS spend in a handful of apps and suites like Office 365, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Slack, Okta, G-Suite and Adobe Creative Cloud.

That’s why Certero for Cloud is optimized to focus your priorities on where the most substantial savings can be made.

Why Certero for Cloud is right for you?

Focus on your strategic SaaS investments

Create a holistic view of all software use

Eliminate unnecessary spend

Deploy standalone or as fully-integrated ITAM

Take control of spend without the noise

Manage on-prem & SaaS in a single UI

Identify unused & under-used subscriptions

Part of the Certero Unified Platform

Visibility of your Office 365 estate

Certero for Cloud includes dedicated modules for your biggest SaaS spends, moving significantly beyond simply knowing that a SaaS application is in use to bring you detailed information on adoption, consumption, spend and opportunities for optimization.  

To provide wider coverage for corporate-approved SaaS applications, Certero for Cloud integrates with single-sign-on (SSO) platforms such as Okta to deliver detailed usage information from across the wider SaaS estate.  

Supported SaaS apps include (click to expand):

+ Salesforce

Certero for Cloud helps you track the adoption and consumption of all your Salesforce subscriptions across multiple instances, tracking user activity and monitoring metrics such as page views and spend. It empowers you to optimize: 

  • Spend vs Productivity

  • Environment Health

  • License Allocation

  • Functionality Utilization

Certero for Cloud gives you a single view of important information such as profiles and roles usage, permissions, objects and packages – all key indicators of user adoption, service health and spend optimization.

Learn more about managing Salesforce subscriptions with Certero for Cloud

+ Okta

Certero for Cloud both empowers you to manage Okta users and subscriptions and all SaaS apps managed through the Okta single sign-on solution. This makes it easy to manage a wider range of SaaS apps without the need to create additional API connectors or integrations. Any new SaaS applications added to Okta will automatically be discovered and added to the SaaS inventory, complete with users and usage information.

In addition to the dedicated modules provided by Certero for Cloud, the Okta integration empowers you to extend your SaaS coverage to Okta-managed applications like:

  • Yammer

  • Zoom

  • Docusign

  • Concur

  • Github

  • Jiri and more

+ Office 365

Certero for Cloud gives you a rich dataset of Office 365 subscription and consumption information, helping you to optimize one of your largest end user computing spends, including: 

  • Reclaiming redundant subscriptions

  • Improving joiners & leavers processes

  • Identifying unused applications & features

  • Right-sizing subscription types to user needs

Certero for Cloud opens up a world of Office 365 management data not readily available through the Office 365 portal.

Learn more about optimizing your Office 365 subscriptions with Certero for Cloud

+ G Suite

Certero for Cloud gives you the visibility of domains, users, activities, subscriptions and costs you need to optimize your spend on Google G Suite:

  • Track expenditure
  • Identify available subscriptions
  • Resolve duplicate licenses
  • Track storage usage

Now you can manage G Suite alongside your other major SaaS investments in a single console, reduce the overhead of extending your SAM program into the cloud.

Learn more about taking charge of G Suite spend with Certero for Cloud

+ Adobe Creative Cloud

Manage your expensive Adobe subscriptions and ensure they are right-sized to actual user requirements. Eliminate expensive premium subscriptions while ensuring that users have access to the features and apps they really need.

Other SaaS applications supported by Certero for Cloud:

  • Box 
  • Dropbox 
  • Slack 
  • Tableau  
  • Wrike  
  • Zoom  

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