Passworks is an intuitive, self-service password reset solution that simplifies your IT operations management to reduce service desk calls by 30%*

On average password reset requests make up to 10–30% of all help desk calls, with each request costing from $50-$140 in labor costs*. 

Many of these calls are from users who have forgot their Windows or Mac passwords and are unable to log on to their PC. Unless they can speak to a representative quickly and identify themselves, they could be without a computer and unable to work for an extended period of time.

Passworks is an intuitive, self-service Active Directory (AD) password management solution that helps you reduce the time and cost of servicing password reset requests. Users can securely reset their own password and continue working, lowering user downtime and freeing up valuable help desk resources.

Passworks can be administered using any modern web-browser. Administrators can define user registration and reset policies, configure alerting options and manage, deploy and configure the Passworks client – all from a simple-to-use web console.

Other password reset tools require users to access a web interface to reset their password. But with Passworks, users can reset their password from the Windows or Mac Login Screen without having to use another PC or Mac. Using a simple challenge/response technique of users picking and answering a series of questions, they can reset their Active Directory password securely without having to contact the service desk.

Why Passworks is a perfect fit for your organization

Full self-service password reset

Complete audit trail

Detailed reporting

Third-party integration

Service desk resource utilization minimized

Alert users and/or administrators of password resets

Compare the number of times passwords are reset

Easy integration with any service desk tool

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Passworks SMARTLINK is an alternative way for users to launch the password management software reset wizard at the Windows or Mac Login screen. SMARTLINK mode uses a customized image in the corner of the login screen. It overcomes problems with 3rd party components that do not support GINA/Credential Provider chaining such as the Novell Client or McAfee Safeboot.


Passworks comes with 20 sample questions that you can add to or edit. Registration and reset options such as the number of questions required and the number of attempts allowed can be set according to your company’s policy. A number of sample email templates are provided which can be changed to suit your requirements. Information such as the affected user or the device on which a password reset was performed can easily be inserted into all alerts.


All user responses are stored in the database using FIPS compliant SHA 256 encryption, meaning that no one can find out what answers a user may have entered. In addition, all communication between client applications and the web server is encrypted, meaning data is undetectable even by packet sniffers.


Every action in Passworks is audited so when a password is reset, the computer name and IP address from which the attempt was made is logged in the database. The end user is also sent an email alerting them of the password change, asking them to contact the service desk immediately if they did not do it themselves. These messages are fully customizable within the password management software interface and can be tailored to your requirements.

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