SAM Managed Services

SAM Managed Services from Certero provide the skills & technologies to realize your license management & technology governance goals

Challenge: How do you overcome skills & technology gaps to deliver effective SAM?

Whether you need to manage your software license compliance for strategic vendors, optimize spend on key applications and platforms or introduce new cost management initiatives such as cross-charging and self-service, effective Software Asset Management is critical.

But finding and hiring good SAM specialists is difficult, slow and expensive.

Certero helps organizations of all shapes and sizes achieve their goals through the delivery of full or partial SAM managed services, tailored to the individual needs of the organization.

Need a one-time Oracle license optimization exercise?

No problem.

Want to take a long-term view of your strategic software publishers?

We can help.

Having trouble filling skills gaps in your existing SAM team?

We’ve got people for that. 

Whatever your Software Asset Management challenge – from creating a SAM program for the very first time to providing resource on-demand for specialist SAM skills – Certero has managed service options that will fit your needs.  

Why is a managed service from Certero is different?

Unlike many SAM services which are delivered by sizeable teams of unskilled data processors and presentation-makers, a Certero managed service favors the intelligent application of technology over manual heavy lifting. This drives predictable consistency, assured quality, efficiencies, speed and less surprises or mistakes. Better results from smaller teams.

Solution: Software Asset Management services

from Certero

Call it SAM or call it SLM, the services you need to manage your software effectively are much the same. Typical SAM managed services from Certero comprise one of more of the following deliverables:

Discovery & Inventory

Also available as a standalone service, Discovery & Inventory is the foundation for effective SAM and SLM. Our team and technologies will ensure there are no gaps or hidden risks on your network and that your SAM program is based on 100% visibility of relevant software consumption across all platforms.

License & Contract Advisory

With specialists in all the major software publishers’ licensing schemes, a Certero SAM managed service will put you in the best position to both manage compliance risks and optimize the use and cost of your deployed software. Certero also offers Effective License Position & Optimization services for all key vendors.

SAM Maturity

Our tenured Principal Consultants will work with you to assess your current SAM and ITAM practices, offering advice and recommendations on how to realize more benefits from your SAM program by adopting more mature practices.

SAM Process Design

Need help getting your SAM program off the ground or expanding it beyond simple Effective License Positions and compliance? Our consultants will work with your internal stakeholders to design and implement effective SAM and SLM processes to streamline software deliverability, optimize costs and increase the benefits of SAM to other IT and business functions.

Additional Software Asset Management services available from Certero include:


Entitlement on-boarding


Dashboard Design & Implementation


Education & Training


Vendor Audit Response


Licensing Help Desk


SAM Program Administration

The Benefits of a SAM Managed Service from Certero

Technology included

No need to provision any technologies to support the managed service. Everything our consultants need is provided by Certero.  

Full SaaS option

You don’t need to even deploy SAM technology on-premises, Certero can run everything in the cloud. 

Save on hiring specialist skills

Having software licensing specialists available on-demand presents a significant saving over hiring expensive (and hard to find) licensing specialists.

Build your ideal SAM team

Create an effective virtual SAM ‘dream team’ by complementing in-house skills with additional skills from Certero.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Once we have agreed the goals of a services engagement, our teams will not rest until we have delivered full customer success.

Ready to learn more about a SAM managed service from Certero?