Cloud Asset Management

Cloud Asset Management (CAM) can help you control the rising threat of Shadow IT, Cloud Sprawl and Bill Shock across your SaaS, PaaS and IaaS applications

Ensuring your Cloud Asset Management strategy delivers power and control over your applications and expenditure

The advent of Cloud offers organizations many advantages and it is estimated over 80% of IT budgets are committed to Cloud applications and solutions. With such a high proportion of costs assigned to Cloud, it is essential that organizations are in full control.

The particular challenges of Cloud Asset Management (CAM) necessitate an alternative approach, quite distinct from that traditionally applied to manage on-premise licensing models. Trying to piggy-back a Cloud Asset Management solution on top of one specifically designed to manage on-premise licensing will not deliver the data and results needed to control and optimize your Cloud estate. The challenges of managing Cloud IT estates are very different to on-premise and need different solutions.

Certero provides complete Cloud visibility

Understand Your Entire Cloud Estate

  • Gain expanded access to subscription data within SaaS, PaaS and IaaS portals, overcoming bottlenecks and increasing visibility for decision makers across the organization
  • Discovery of key SaaS applications in use across the organization, regardless of which department purchased the subscription
  • Virtual machine discovery across public Cloud vendors, including a full inventory of software components running in each environment
  • Accurately capture usage data covering key SaaS applications and PaaS/IaaS environments

Support Business Decision-Making

  • Advanced analytics and reporting improves insight and understanding of subscription and usage data held within SaaS, PaaS and IaaS portals
  • Access deep, component-level utilization metrics on key Cloud applications
  • Generate a consolidated view of all applications, environments and devices in use across on-premise, public and private Clouds and mobile
  • Highlight risks associated with software usage in public Cloud environments

Only Pay For What You Need

  • Identify and assist in the reassignment of duplicate or unused Cloud subscriptions
  • Ensure assignment of the most cost-effective subscription level for each user
  • Proactively manage and negotiate Cloud agreement renewals
  • Ensure effective governance and cost control with role and responsibility based access for IaaS and PaaS environments



Certero for Cloud is highly automated, simple to use and quick to deploy, delivering rapid, accurate, consistent and repeatable results


Accurate discovery, inventory and consumption tracking of applications delivered in the Cloud


Precise and granular insight into SaaS, PaaS and IaaS usage across your organization, regardless of who is using or paying for them


Accurate, complete view of investments and their usage across the whole IT estate enabling better budgeting, forecasting and cost allocation


Overcome the limitations of Cloud portals with single pane of glass visibility of the Cloud estate


Improve analysis and reporting of all Cloud applications with a single data source


Information from the Cloud can be combined with that for on-premise deployments, providing a complete end-to-end view of your IT infrastructure


Successfully manage Cloud migration projects, safe in the knowledge that any subsequent investment will be properly managed for maximum ROI

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