Software License Compliance

The tools & services you need to stay compliant, defend audits & optimize spend

When using software from a major vendor, you know how important it is to be ready to defend against a software audit that could come at any time and without warning. That means knowing what software you’re using, being on top of your license entitlements and having an Effective Licensing Position ready to present at a moment’s notice. For every software publisher you deploy.

That way, not only do you minimize the risk of costly compliance fines, you also avoid the potentially more damaging disruption to the business typically caused by a software vendor audit.

Software Licensing: Not Just Compliant, But Optimized

At Certero, we believe that software compliance is a by-product of an optimized Software Asset Management (SAM) program, not vice versa.  Our technologies and services are designed to help you deliver value to the organization above and beyond ‘surviving’ a software audit.

By taking control of licensing, you’ll be able to realize opportunities to switch licensing schemes, reclaim unused licenses and subscriptions, to consolidate contracts and negotiate with vendors from a position of strength.

Audit Defense

When (not if) the auditors do come knocking, with Certero you’ll have everything you need to see them off quickly, with minimum disruption to the business.  Certero Effective License Positions (ELPs) are accepted by all major software publishers, in no small part due to the unique way that Certero presents not only the final ELP but also the logic used to arrive at the final compliance position, making it much less likely that the vendor will dispute the findings.

This is especially important in complex data center environments such as Oracle, IBM and SAP.

The Certero Recipe for Effective Software License Management & Compliance:

Discovery & Inventory – you need to find all PCs, servers and other devices that are used to consume software licenses and subscriptions.  Ideally, you want to know who’s using what and how they are using it too (especially important for data center software).

Certero delivers unrivalled discovery, inventory and usage tracking capabilities across all platforms and locations.

Publisher Prioritization – based on software discovered, known spend and other factors, you can prioritize what software publishers should be prioritized for compliance and optimization.

With Certero, you can quickly select and focus on the most important software vendors, with specialist modules for publishers with complex licensing schemes.  

License & Entitlements – you need to capture and reconcile the appropriate licenses, making sure that the right licensing metrics and conditions are applied and that all supporting documentation is captured.

Certero’s strict licensing rules won’t let you do a half-baked job of recording license entitlements.

Compliance Engine & Licensing Expertise – first you need an automated compliance engine that understands the right licensing rules and can automatically apply conditions such as upgrade and downgrade rights.  Then, depending on the vendor and your in-house skills, you might need a little extra help from a Certero consultant to finesse the Effective License Position.

Certero’s unique blend of technology and hybrid services gives you access to the tools and expertise you need, when you need it.

ELP Reporting  – the Effective License Position is a key part of defending a software audit.  Developing and maintaining a dynamic ELP allows you to continually assess risks and identify opportunities to reduce costs, audit or not.  ELPs must be infallible and able to withstand scrutiny by auditors.

Certero ELPs stand up to close inspection because they include the evidence and calculations behind the final compliance figures.

More Than Technology: Hybrid SAM Services

At Certero, we recognize that most SAM teams have skills gaps and that not everyone can be an expert in all vendor licensing schemes.  That’s why we complement our class-leading technology solutions with expert services that can help you

Discover & Inventory all IT assets & software across the network

Prepare Effective License Positions for key vendors (inc Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, SAP)

Provide full or partial SAM managed services

More Information: Certero Technologies for Software Compliance & Audit Defense

Certero for Enterprise ITAM – discovery & inventory of all devices and software

Certero for Enterprise SAM – license management, reconciliation, reporting

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